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Thursday, April 12, 2007

CBS radio fires Imus

Don Imus is now without employment.

He's been fired by both his employers - CBS radio network and MSNBC-TV cable network.

I worked in radio and television. And people who work in those industries are fired *all the time.*

People who usually only guess how to make money for station owners are put in decision-making positions. They seem to feel free to fiddle with employees' lives in an attempt to find the new big thing to attract advertising dollars.

Media sales people are always trying to convince advertisers why they should spend money on their station, personality, music format, etc., whether or not it ever pays off for the advertiser.

Radio and TV folks can be canned for no other reason than the manager wants his/her pal to take the spot. Or the station management changes. Or the format changes. Or the program director is jealous of the news director/morning anchor who gets more attention than she does at parties. Seriously. Been there, done that, even when ratings were climbing.

The audience isn't given a second thought - nor are co-workers who may try to fight to keep the employee because they're good at what they do *and* the ratings are climbing.

Both screamed loudly and were definitely heard this time.

In addition to extraordinary anger expressed by his audience, the outrage of MSNBC employees is actually credited with Imus' ousting there.

I have to wonder why his co-workers and fellow broadcasters (who understand and are quite sensitive to how much it hurts for anyone to lose such a job) appeared to have so little respect or appreciation for this guy. If they did, he'd probably still be there because they would have fought for him. Instead they demanded his termination.

CBS surprised me because radio is known more for allowing more controversial, shockjocks and outrageous hosts, but apparently he went too far even for them. And what he said about the Rutgers women is not as bad as other racist and sexist comments he has made over the years.

I believe the deeper issue and our outrage don't have as much to do with Imus' comments - as odious as they were - as much as an overwhelming sense that hit the core of US sensibilities:

we are (FINALLY) fed up with people who have power abusing it.

We are tired of the cartels, governments and oil companies abusing us; charging more than $3.00/USD a gallon for gasoline.

We're tired of reading the death count daily of Americans, our allies and innocent Iraqi's being killed in a senseless war.

We're tired of "leaders" who are incapable of leading us, but only exploit us.

We're tired of a president and government who don't listen to us when we tell them specifically and directly invading Iraq was a mistake.

We're tired of "leaders" incapable of figuring out how to bring our troops home safely.

We're tired of "leaders" neglecting the institutions and cutting the staffs that care for our valiant men and women in uniform when they come back mutilated, wounded, and suffering mental problems that any normal person would after witnessing what they have.

We're tired of "leaders" who can't seem to figure out how to get us from point A to point B without being trapped in traffic congestion, but who continue to tax us to supposedly take care of these problems.

We're tired of listening to so many people pay lip service to erradicating racism and sexism while powerful people of all colors and genders in the entertainment industry - music, TV, radio, magazines, and the internet - demonstrate bigotry daily.

We're tired of the hate speeches from "leaders" who want only to manipulate us by calling us "unAmerican" or "betraying the troops" if we say we want them brought home soon - alive and well.

After making our desires clearly known in the last election, after being lied to and hurt over and over again by powerful people in business, religion, health care and government who abuse their power and only continue to ignore us?

We're tired of media who went from being the president's abused lap dog to suddenly realizing that he has been lying to us all along; that features "news talk shows" only featuring biased people who want media attention more than they do to find or tell the truth.

We are left now with few ways to express our outrage, our demand for justice, our need to be heard, in a loud and meaningful way.

Yep, we are effing fed up.

Don Imus just got in the way.

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  • At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Soooo unfair. He in no way deserve the treatment he got. You all have the balls of a ant!!

  • At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm not an Imus radio fan. But I will say this, I feel this has been taken out of reach. The victim here is Imus. This is a free country, we as American have the right to agree or disagree with anyone at any time. We also have freedom of speech. I'm sure that most of these girls have and listen to rap music calling women ho's. I would like for anyone including Mr. do nothing but complain Sharton why is it that when a black person makes fun of a white person it's comedy. When a white person makes fun of black's it's racism? Again the term "ho's is used by rappers and no one is complaining about them, No so called black leader is pushing to have the record labels fire them.

  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger cp said…

    Um, that's the point of this blog, Anonymous - you brave trash talking soul who doesn't leave his name and like, totally refrains from like, name calling and like, degrading terms.

    The correct word is "deserves."

    But it's good to know his supporters are literate *and* articulate ...

  • At 7:48 PM, Blogger cp said…

    In fact, black leaders have been calling for an end to abusive language in rap music for years. According to music industry numbers, 80% of those who buy rap with abusive language are white teenage boys.

    The number of black consumers of rap with abusive lyrics has dropped considerably since black church, educaiton and government leaders have made the push.

    There is a double standard for comedy - but even hyper successful comics like Dave Chappelle are asking that the double standard be stopped. Abusive language ultimately hurts those who say it as well as those who hear it.


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