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Saturday, April 07, 2007

She's the antidote for morning misery!

Personally, I like awakening with a smile - then feeling good about the day ahead.

My two Pomeranians, Mistletoe and JR, and my kitten - Allie Cat - make awakening with a smile happen. Each weighs about five pounds and pounce all over the bed, my head, and smother me with little kisses.

I like to think it's because they're as crazy in love with me as I am with them - but I have a feeling breakfast is the real reason for all that affection.

Stephanie MillerFeeling good about the day ahead happens because I love my work and life - and I listen to Stephanie Miller's hysterically funny radio program between 6-9am (PDT) Monday thru Friday.

Even "night people" convert, learning to get up early so they don't miss the show.

There have been listener complaints of hot coffee, tea, yogurt and cereal milk snarffed through noses because they could not stifle their laughter; drivers are warned to pay extra special attention to stay on the road because hilarity does reign - and a punch line is thrown when you least expect it. Pow!

Adult diapers are also recommended for anyone commuting a long distance because it is pee-your-pants funny.

The program is billed as a show to help us "Take Back America!"

"Steph" works with two other hosting partners-in-crime:

JIm WardJim Ward, whom she calls a "voice diety," because he is indeed a god in the world of mastering vocal modulation. Jim can create and re-create voices of everyone known and unknown, as well as any accent from any nation - again, known and unknown.

And executive producer "boy toy" Chris LaVoie, so named because he's cute and youthful.

The program is impeccably produced - I have worked in morning drive time radio as a news personality and this show has to be the envy of any team working in radio. Tight, terrific music, and laser sharp timing.

Politics, gossip, show biz, politicians, pop culture, electioneering, government, foreign and domestic affairs (in the political and sexual sense), war, peace, religion, family and every other topic that is supposed to be off-limits at a civil dinner are all fodder for this trio.

While the program's point of view is generally progressive (left of center), Stephanie is the daughter of former Republican U.S. Representative William Miller, Barry Goldwater's running mate in the 1964 Presidential election.

She believes that her father and Goldwater - considered the most solid conservatives in their heyday - would not recognize the Republican party or politics of today. She tells stories of Goldwater and her father working closely with their Democrat friends "across the aisle" - that there was not the extreme division of parties there is today.

Fortunately, all three condemn passing on unconfirmed, eyebrow-raising gossip!

Chris LavoieMany's the time the boys have chastised Stephanie for mentioning the idle, nonsensical, unproved rumor that President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice are an "item!" I can assure you that I, too, firmly disapprove of passing on such ridiculous tales - and it's good that she says that she has heard Rice and Bush are hooking up - then discounts the story as no more than gossip, rumor and innuendo!

And I certainly won't pass on any more fabrications about Rice and Bush liaisoning...

Thanks to the internet and podcasts, Stephanie, Jim and Chris have fans all over the world.

Unlike other politically-oriented shows, the three have outspoken disagreements! Each has a specific talent and unique point of view - there are no "yes men" or women here. But there is a lot of accurate, serious information you cannot not hear anywhere else, as well as just plain silliness.

Gentle Giants RescueStephanie also loves and adopts huge dogs, and is a supporter of Gentle Giants Rescue. Run by Burt Ward, who starred as Robin "The Boy Wonder" in the 1960's TV series Batman, and his wife, Tracy Posner Ward, Gentle Giants rescues and places extra large dog breeds in healthy adoptive homes.

The Stephanie Miller show has become so popular, top political and entertainment personalities have called in to speak with her about significant subjects.

And she has received death threats for being so humorously outspoken.

She acknowledges that growing up she was not particularly attractive. In fact, she was well known for her shaggy unibrow. Apparently a pneumatic drill was needed to get rid of the excess above-her-nose hair.

As a child she was a big fan of Woody Allen's films. Her celebrity family met him when she was six. When she shook his hand, he only stared and said, "Sorry, kid. Not interested."

She openly admits that, as a lonely, childless, heterosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that ..) spinster, she enjoys the occasional box of wine with her TV dinner as she sits and drinks alone in the shadows, watching Wheel. Of. Fortune, surrounded by her drooling megahounds.

She is also credited for turning all but one of the men she has dated gay. And he has since become a woman. Several gay organizations have given her "You See? It Isn't Us" awards for being a one-woman recruiting phenomenon, finally putting to rest the old myth that they are out to sign anyone up.

Seeing how attractive and, frankly, hot she actually is, few people believe her - but that's her story and she sticks with it.

Some folks on the far right wing of American religious-political ideology have accused Stephanie of broadcasting "hate speech," but I haven't heard it.

A woman of faith and (reasonable except when it comes at the expense of a really good joke) conscience, she loves people who do what she calls "The Lord's Work." That is, folks who help other people and animals and try to do the right thing for our country and work for restoring democracy in the US - regardless of where party lines fall.

Stephanie, Jim and Chris have agonized over what they consider the needless loss of life from the incursion of Iraq by President Bush and the outright lies told repeatedly by members of his administration, which they have continued to spread - even after the truth has exposed them to be lies.

The trio has also kicked the tires of liberal politicians if they deserve it, as well as given props and kudos to Republicans who have committed positive, constructive acts in government, their personal lives or the world!

I guess an open mind and sense of humor are prerequisites to get the biggest bang for your listening buck, and there are occasions when Stephanie, like all comedians, goes one toke over the line. But the gruesome twosome at her sides are right there to point, disapprove, hoot, chastise and ridicule her - just as any good friend would! ;-)

So, Stephanie - thanks for all the great information, insights and laughs!

And most of all, for not singing.

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