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Colleen's book writing credits include Mind Over Media, published in 1987 by CHEF Publishing (ISBN 0-935529-04-07) and The 100% Solution, published in 1992 by Meadow Brook Publications (ISBN 0-9634281-0-1).


Formerly an Acting for the Camera columnist for movieScope international filmmaking magazine, Colleen was also a regular contributor to the international screenwriters' magazine ScreenTalk.

Here are some of her columns from ScreenTalk:

It Looked Like a Movie
Fear of Success
Achieving Championship Writing Mentality
Your Championship Writing Mentality: 
     How to Achieve It

The Writer's Identity Crisis
Writing With - and Without - Hitchcock
Personal Deception
It's a person
A Writer's Trust
Protecting the Vision
Postponing Procrastination

screenwriting credits

Feature films - produced:

THE WHOLE TRUTH (writer/director), Heart Break Productionz 2010

MIXING KARMA, with Ken Oelerich 2004

Scripts optioned:

INTO THIN AIR - Landis Productions

Feature film scripts - in development:

HABITAT (writer/director)

THE LUCKY PENNY (writer/director)

THE LONELY GOATHERD (writer/director)

SPARE CHANGE (writer/director)



Writer - Director - Producer Colleen Patrick's screenplay The Director was a finalist in the 2005 Sundance Filmmaker's Lab competition; a finalist in last year's Washington State Screenwriting Competition; and quarter-finalist in 2003's CineStory competition.  In 2000 her screenplay The Lucky Penny finished in the top 10% of Austin's Heart of the Film competition, and she was a finalist in the Disney scriptwriting competition with a "Frasier" script, The Hero.

(with John Beresford)
GORDON UNPLUGGED (with John Beresford)
AMBER UNLEASHED (with John Beresford)
FREEDOM (also director/producer)

Feature scripts - in progress:


Short films - produced:

MORTAL WOUND (also director/producer) 2006
LIFE AS ART (also director/producer) 1997
A CIRCLE OF ONE (also director/producer) 1998
WALLS (also director/producer) 1999
BEHIND THE MOVIE SCREEN (also director/producer) 2000
MOMMY NEAREST (also director/producer) 2003
GETTING EVEN (also director/producer) 2003
HOME (also director/producer) 2003
CROSSROADS (also director/producer) 2003
A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT (also director/producer) 2003
POETIC JUSTICE (also director/producer) 2003

Book manuscripts in progress:


"(My writing partner) and I spent a couple of hours working through our draft script (THE WAKE UP CALL) with Colleen. The insight Colleen provided was great. She walked us through page by page and provided feedback on how the dialogue would work for the actors, what to look for in terms of casting given who the characters are and lots of tidbits on approaches to directing. Our session with Colleen provided good practical information coupled with lots of positive feedback that has helped fuel our project."

                                        Lise Owens, filmmaker, Vancouver, BC

"Colleen added Craft to my concept, taking my first short film script to the next level. Walking through the script with her, I'm sure I gained more insight into screen writing than any weekend workshop or lecture could offer. And everything I learned, I'll apply to subsequent projects."

Mia Stark, writer/director Vancouver, BC



Who knew I would interview Eric Roberts for my next column as he prepared to star with Elisabeth Röhm and Sean Patrick Flanery in our feature screwball comedy THE WHOLE TRUTH? It was a genuine pleasure to speak with Eric, knowing how hard he works, how dedicated he is to the craft and how much heart he brings to a role.


An interview with eclectic American actress Selma Blair for my movieScope camera acting column left me completely disarmed and charmed. Intelligent, insightful, aware and self-deprecating to a fault, Selma is someone whose frank revelations and thoughts will leave movieScope's international readers - actors, writers, directors and producers - with a greater appreciation of the art and the artist.


Jack Davenport, one of the world's most employed actors in every genre, was a hoot and holler. Known to most as Keira Knightley's romantic failed pursuer in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, his self-deprecating sense of humour (he's British, you know) mixes with tough, honest talk about what it takes to succeed as an actor in films. I love people who take themselves lightly, but are dead serious about their work. 

My interview with sensational person and unbelievably talented and skilled performer Samantha Morton for movieScope magazine was a revelation. I absolutely adore her awareness, honesty and integrity - which humbled this interviewer because there's no such thing as an ordinary answer from this artist!

I interviewed the remarkable David Morse, one of the finest American actors of our time. What an insightful, thoughtful, generous, down to earth and caring man he is, as well as a dedicated and sensational artist. It was a privilege to spend time with him discussing the craft and the business.

It was a memorable experience interviewing CCH Pounder for movieScope magazine! She is da bomb(!) as an actor and person!

I asked my editor if I could interview Alec Baldwin for our maiden issue because he has helped, taught and mentored hundreds of actors over the years - he is a frequent speaker at the Tisch School of Drama at New York University - and I knew he would be a superb resource for anyone passionate about this art!
Alec Baldwin
Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Interviewing Alec Baldwin for movieScope for  its maiden edition was a thrill. He's an extraordinary talent and individual.  What a treat for movieScope readers as well!

The interview is no longer available online, but you can read a local copy of it by clicking here


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