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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Republican politicians pray for God to kill health care bill

I found this "prayercast" video and transcript of the Republican US Senators and Representatives' "prayer" on the Rachel Maddow Show.

In it, full-tilt right wing Republicans vehemently demand that God do horrible things to congressfolk who wanted to vote in favor of the measure to make sure it was killed - including claiming their opponents support a number of terrible things - terrible things that are not included in the bill. Which means they lied. They inserted a lie in a prayer.

I was stricken with these notions:

Not once did any of them pray for the best and highest good of health care for people in our nation.

Not once did any of them pray for guidance to help them assist their constituents with their health care challenges in the greatest, most positive way (Some might actually call this the most Christian way, since better, affordable health care is something Jesus might advocate- wait, according to the new testament, he actually did!).

Not once did any of them pray for the greatest welfare of our nation's people, regardless of party, regardless of wealth or station.

Not once did they pray for a scintilla of compassion for people most in need of health care assistance. It was all about them, their party, their mission, their money, their agenda - to hell with their constituents or their constituents' urgent life-and-death struggles.

No, they only prayed for what they wanted for themselves, and for God to be their henchman, to deal with their opponents in the harshest, most chilling, damning way.

For the spiritual among us, we understand their prayer was actually answered.

God said, "No."

The Senate version of the bill passed.

Christmas eve.


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